Aloha Challenge


2022 Aloha Challenge

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 the 2022 Tournament has been cancelled.

We plan to bring back Hawaii’s biggest Amateur tournament in 2023.

In the meantime, stay safe!

Check-In: 0:00 am
Tournament Begins: 0:00 am
Location: Hawaiian Brian’s Billiards
1680 Kapiolani Blvd
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

The Annual Aloha Challenge is a Round Robin 8-Ball tournament at Hawaiian Brian’s Billiards on 4 ½ x 9’ tables.

Teams from the US mainland & Canada join four (4) local Oahu APA qualifiers in the Annual Aloha Challenge.

Cash prizes estimated over $15,000

Modified Toledo Style Rules:

  1. All APA rules apply in addition to these modified Toledo Rules, including the 23 rule.
  2. This is a Round Robin tournament with 4 separate groups. Each team plays every other team in their group once. 1 team emerges from each group to play in a bracketed playoff.
  3. Each match will be 1 set of 5 (five) 8-ball games between the teams involved. Each individual set between one player from each team will be ONE GAME ONLY. Only one rack will be played between each player of each team.
  4. Each captain must declare their 5 shooters before each set of matches begins, and list them in descending order (highest to lowest skill levels) as players #1 through #5. That list determines the player match-ups that will be played and is locked. 5 players combined SL cannot exceed 23.
  5. Every player on your roster MUST have at least 3 games played by the end of the group tournament. Players lag for break.
  6. There will be no time outs or coaches in this event. Just put up your shooters and watch them play one rack of pool for all the marbles!
  7. Winners: Your running win/loss total will be kept throughout the tournament. Ties broken by your match versus the tied team.
  8. Teams must be in the 5th game by 1 hour after start time. Any remaining games will not be scored to either team. Players won’t get credit for game played.

Any questions? Contact the Oahu APA League Office for details.
808-520-1135 | oahuapa@gmail.com

2015 Aloha Challenge Photos