Typically, the pros play 9-Ball where position and strategy mean everything.  It’s a faster pace game than 8-Ball.  The lowest numbered ball on the table must be struck first in order for the shot to be legal, and from there a ball must be pocketed or driven to a rail.  The object of the game is simple: Run the balls out and pocket the 9-Ball, or shoot a combo that legally pockets the 9-ball before your opponent.


Day of Play Start Time Format Division Name Location League Fees Green Fees
Sunday 2:00 pm Double Jeopardy – 9 022 – Iwa Lua Hawaiian Brian’s $8 $5
Wednesday 7:00 pm 9-Ball 051 – Iwa Kahi Traveling (Town & Leeward) $10 Split Quarters
Wednesday 7:00 pm 9-Ball 052 – Iwa Kolu Traveling (Upper Town) $10 Split Quarters

* Traveling divisions refers to teams that play at various host locations throughout the area. Division schedules and locations are available in the APA app.  You can also find out your next scheduled location at the bottom of the scoresheet on the week prior.