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Handicap Calculation

An in depth explanation of how handicaps/skill levels are determined.

Discounts and Benefits

We continually partner with a variety of local companies that offer discounts to APA members!  

Local Member Discounts and Benefits

Offers and discounts from local businesses right here in the Quad Cities!


TurboScan App for iPhone and Android for Scoresheets In an effort to make it easier, we have made some changes. We will no longer send packets. Everyone has a cell... Read more »

Handicap Advisory Committee

The American Poolplayers Association (APA) has asked every League Operator to form a Handicap Advisory Committee (HAC) for their area. The HAC’s purpose is to periodically review rosters and complaints... Read more »

Oahu APA Shirts

Contact the League Office to get yours. 808-520-1135 oahuapa@gmail.com

Patch Program

Learn about the patches available for Oahu APA Members to earn Oahu APA Available Patches

Scorekeeping Clinic

The APA as a league only functions when handicaps are correct. There are two ways in which the system fails: people intentionally cheat to manipulate the system or there are... Read more »