Scorekeeping Clinic

The APA as a league only functions when handicaps are correct. There are two ways in which the system fails: people intentionally cheat to manipulate the system or there are scorekeeping errors that affect the handicaps. This clinic is designed to help eliminate both sources of problems. This is to not only benefit the league but to benefit you and your players as well.

We are giving away bonus points to teams that have team members that have successfully completed a scorekeeping clinic.

Players On Your Roster 8-Ball 9-Ball
2 to 5 Players Certified 2 Bonus Points 10 Bonus Points
6 or More Players Certified 5 Bonus Points 30 Bonus Points

Bonus Points for Scorekeeping will be awarded to teams following week of play

You also get a Certified Scorekeeper patch to add to your collection!

We will cover many things in this clinic – not just how to keep score. With your help in this clinic we will be able to run a better league with more accurate handicaps and fewer disputes on your fun night out.

Mahalo for making this the best League in Hawaii.

Questions??? Call or E-Mail!

Oahu APA – (808) 520-1135